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There are thousands of bricks out there with varying textures, colours, styles and brands. If you need a brick to match your current project you need to brick match!

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Brick matching service...

The brick matching service we provide at Brickhunter is designed to be a quick and easy process which takes all the stress and time in finding the right brick type out of your hands and ultimately allows you to build happily.

Our brick matching specialists are waiting to help!

Whether your upcoming building project is big or small, you have a decision to make...

You could spend time, searching through our 3,000+ strong product catalogue looking for your perfect bricks, order samples, wait for them to arrive, order more samples, wait for them to arrive...

Then, you could spend more time trying to locate the quantity of the bricks you need from the UK's 4,000+ brickyards and even more time trying to ensure you've got a competitive price...

Or, you could join the thousands of people who saved time (and therefore possibly money) by paying us £29.99 to do the work for you...

What is included in the service:

  • 24 hour decision on whether or not we can help
  • 5 Working Day Samples (most received within 48hrs)
  • You will get the names or codes of the bricks you need and a quote for the bricks from us.
  • You are free to buy them from us or anyone else. If you buy from us you will get the cost of the brick match off your order.
  • Full refund on the rare occasions we don't feel we can help upon receipt of images.

We are here for you and waiting to take your call Monday through Friday, from 8am to 5:30pm...

0808 231 2862

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So what do we need?

We simply require 3 images of the existing brickwork along with the quantity required, a timescale for delivery and any sizes.

You can either email the information directly to or "Create Your Project" online.

We can help with any brick match request and will get a reply to you within 24 hours (in the majority of cases it will be quicker).

Once we've received your images we'll always try and provide you with an exact match where we can.

Unfortunately a perfect match isn't always possible due to the existing brick being discontinued or no longer available, in which case we'll recommend the best possible alternatives.

Close up (1-2 Feet)

A close up will allow us to evaluate the texture of the brick.

Close up (1-2 Feet)

Range (2-3 Feet)

The mid-range image will give us the best understanding of the color.

Range (2-3 Feet)

Wall (10 Feet)

The final image, a longer view, allows us to see the overall look, color and pattern.

Wall (10 Feet)


Save yourself the time and stress of trying to find a match by letting us do all the legwork for you!

The benefits of our brick match service...

We have access to the whole UK and imported brick market!

As many brick samples from any UK brick manufacturer or importer as required. Samples can be delivered next day*

Huge product database: the best in the industry

Access to over 4,000 different bricks

Takes the hassle and time of finding a suitable match out of your hands

Quick & easy process (simply require 2 or 3 images by email or online)

Can help with any match requiring any quantity of bricks

682 distributors within our marketplace stocking over 1,400 different brick types

Over 400 discontinued bricks still available through our marketplace

How do you measure your brick?

To correctly measure a brick, ensuring the size is right for your project, you'll just need a tape measure and your creative eye (as well as the actual brick wall).

Tape measure


Measuring the height of a brick

Turn the tape measure to a vertical position, measuring from the bottom of the tape (metal tip) level to the bottom of the brick and stretch it out to the topside of the brick.

(Excluding mortar, the average should be about 60mm.)


Measuring the length of a brick

For the length, do the same as you did for the height, but turn the tape to a horizontal position and measure across the brick.

(The average length of most brick is around 7-8 inches.)


Measuring the depth of a brick

A handy pro-tip for measuring the depth is to measure a brick at the very corner of your wall so you can measure the small end of the brick.

(3 inches approx.)

Did you know?


There are approximately 29 million buildings in the UK


Approximately 25 million are the homes we all live in

The Great Fire of London

Most homes are built using traditional methods (clay brick) following the devastating effects on timber homes during The Great Fire of London

Pile of bricks

The early 1900's saw automated brick factories create the ability to make bricks in a variety of colours and textures

Delivery truck

The UK also started building homes from bricks imported from factories located in mainland Europe

Brick factory

A modern brick factory will make a range of 20 different types (approximately)

Homes requiring planning permission

Each year 300,000 UK homeowners decide to extend their clay brick homes in ways which requires planning permission

Homes extended with permitted development planning law

Many more decide to extend their homes through the permitted development planning law

Brick match

Our service was created with YOU in mind! If you decide to extend your clay brick home you will need your new clay brickwork on your extension to match the existing clay brickwork on your original property

Rufford brown 65mm

If the clay brick the home is built from is still manufactured (either in the UK or in Mainland Europe) we can always provide the exact brick by name*

Michael Kirk as Snap

Many of the 25 million homes were built using clay bricks which are no longer manufactured it's often regrettable and impossible for us to provide an exact visual match just by selecting one brick type.

Colour picker

In these instances we would recommend either the blending of multiple brick types or using weathering or tinting/colouring.

* Be aware that clay bricks are manufactured in batches and can vary in colour and texture from batch to batch. The availability of bricks can go out to several months when the UK is busy building new houses or if the factory encounters a problem with production so we would always recommend advance planning and communication.

If we can't quite get the colour match right due to weathering or your brick type no longer being available it may we worth considering a weathering solution or brick tinting.

Please take a look at our Brick Tinting (Colouring) page...

Colour picker

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We help people across the UK who seek to repair, maintain and extend existing brick built properties by providing them with an acceptable solution.


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