About Brickhunter...

We believe UK homeowners deserve to buy bricks happily and here at Brickhunter we have been helping people build happily since 2004...

We realise not everybody will care why we do what we do...

But to us it's really important.

It reminds us of our purpose, the real reason we do what we do...

Who we are..


Meet the team...

Michael Kirk UK

Michael Kirk

Brick Match Team Leader

Craig Jackson UK

Craig Jackson

Reduced Price Brick Team Member

Paul Ingle UK

Paul Ingle

Builders Merchant Relationship Team Leader

Sharon Combs US

Sharon Combs

Service Team Leader

Fiona Kennovin UK

Fiona Kennovin

Finance Team Leader

Michael Reeder UK

Michael Reeder

Finance Partner

Matt Davis UK

Matt Davis

Technical Lead

Adam Stacey UK

Adam Stacey

Technical Director

Chris Allen UK

Chris Allen

Special Projects Director

Kevin Severn UK

Kevin Severn

Managing Director

Carson Combs US

Carson Combs

Managing Director

Man with bag over his head UK

This could be you!

Be part of the team...

Why we do this...

We believe UK homeowners deserve to buy bricks happily...

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Where to find us?

If you're using a "sat nav" we suggest you use DN4 7NY

Would you like to visit us at the Brickhunter HQ in Doncaster?

Simply enter your starting location, select how you would like to travel and click the "Get Directions" to see how to visit us.

Public Transport...

By Bus
One of the towns main bus routes runs right outside the Doncaster Golf Club, making getting here by bus a very straight forward. Services depart from the transport interchange every few minutes, just hop across the journey planner.
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By Train
Doncaster train station, part of the transport interchange, is well situated within the national rail network. The East Coast Mainline provides access from many destinations all around the country, whilst its location within the local rail network makes it ideal for travelling from surrounding towns and villages. Once here, the station itself is just a short bus ride from the Doncaster Golf Club.
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By Air
We are located 3 miles from Robin Hood Airport, the UK's newest Airport, linked with over 45 destinations across the globe.
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Distances From...


Where we work...

The White House: the Brickhunter headquarters in Doncaster
One of the many inspirational posters in the Brickhunter offices
A closeup of a desk lamp in one of the offices upstairs
A round meeting desk in one of the offices upstairs
A closeup of some golf balls on the putting green in the reception area A closeup of the flag on the putting green in the reception area
Chris attempting to hole a putt on the putting green in the reception area
A closeup of the cool big lego storage blocks we have in the reception area A closeup of a poster of our team in cartoon

How we do it..

How we do it is a continuously evolving process. We are inspired to change how we do what we do because we believe people deserve to build happily and we take action against this belief every day.


Although we always look to champion technology for the proven benefits it can bring to the "Buyer" and "Seller" experience.

We will never forget our "Buyers" and "Sellers" are human beings, with different levels of understanding of technology and confidence in it.

On the Phone

As well as the "Online" features and tools we offer...

We also provide an "Over the Phone" service which ensures a team of people are standing by to provide "Buyers" and "Sellers" with a solution to their challenge.

In Person

To complete a hat-trick of ways in which we offer our services we are also happy to meet up in person.

"Buyers and Sellers" can either visit us at our home in Doncaster, South Yorkshire or if preferred a "Relationship Manager" will stop by.


This is just the tip of the iceberg with regards to how we do, what we do.

But to us it's really important we are known for dealing with people how people like to be dealt with so we thought we would start there.

In truth how we do, what we do is an ever evolving and extremely complex part of our company.

Simply put...
...change happens!

The way we stay ahead of the curve of "Buyer and Seller" expectations is to regularly follow these 3 simple rules...


Ask them what they need and desire


Find a way to give it to them


Give it to them

What is it we do again?

Welcome... to the Marketplace helping people discover, buy and sell building products online, over the phone and face-to-face

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