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    The secret of buying cheap bricks

    Cheap Bricks from the Pro's!

    You can make great savings on batches of cheap bricks, which often become available from UK brick makers. Brickhunter works with the UK brick makers to ensure we always have the best cheap bricks available for you.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Cheap Bricks

    Why are these bricks so cheap?

    There are many reasons why bricks get reduced in price. The reason for reduction will fall in to one of the categories below. The icons are there to help you make a buying decision when browsing our range of cheap bricks

    Special Offer Brick makers want to move some stock quickly
    Discontinued End of line, brick makers will not make again
    Old Stock Packaging and bottom rows of bricks could be dirty
    Trial Brick makers test new textures and colours
    Off-shade Brick colour is not as the brick makers expected
    Non Best / Non Standard Brick shape, size and/or texture is not as the brick makers expected
    Rejects Mixed colours, textures, sizes and/or imperfections

    Can I receive a sample?

    Yes. Samples boxes, containing 3-6 bricks, are available to order online. Sample boxes cost £9.99 (inc VAT). If you subsequently place an order for bricks that you received a sample of, we will refund the cost of the sample.

    Do I get any quality guarantees?

    Cheap bricks are sold as seen, some will have guarantees (please check the product page for guarantees on a specific brick). Brickhunter's team of experienced brick specialists only select good quality batches of bricks. If you have any concerns please either contact us or read the feedback left by our customers.

    Can I visit the brick makers to see the bricks I am interested in?

    Yes you can. However, you must book by prior arrangement call 0845 6805074 to speak to a team member.

    Please Note ...

    If budget is not an issue, Brickhunter always recommends that you use premium facing bricks on your building project.

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