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Why Settle For a 'Close Match'
When You Clearly Don't Have Too?

Get exactly what you want and NEVER compromise.


What is a brick match?

There are thousands of bricks out there with varying
textures, colors, styles and brands, you certainly won't be limited for choice!

Some of which will be OK for your project but...
why settle for something that isn't
EXACTLY what you want?

If you want a great match to your current project then you need to brick match!

Match Your Bricks the QUICK & EASY way

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0300 400 5006

Call Us Now! We Can Help!

Call us NOW!
We can help you!

Mon - Fri 8am - 5.30pm


What is a brick match service?

Matching bricks yourself can be a daunting process these
days, considering there are over


different types of bricks currently
on the market.

Stack of Bricks

Luckily, there is now a Quick and Easy
way to match the right brick thanks to a specialist tool created by Brickhunter!

We just need your details and 3 images and our expert team will finish the rest of the process for you!

It's that simple!

What is a brick match

Once this has been carried out, we will give you the results and even let you know if the bricks are in stock and how much they cost.

So why get carried away with the time wasting process of looking through thousands of bricks when an expert can do it for you?

What images do you need?

Step One

Close up (1-2 Feet)

A close up will allow us to evaluate the texture of the brick.

Close Shot
Step Two

Range (4-6 Feet)

The mid-range image will give us the best understanding of the color.

Medium Distance
Step Three

Wall (10-20 Feet)

The final image, a longer view, allows us to see the overall look, color and pattern.

Long Distance

Making your life even easier

Another difficulty of choosing bricks online yourself is that it is not always possible to tell exactly how the bricks will actually look in real life.

To make life even easier, we will also give you the option to request a brick sample. This sample can be delivered straight to your door and you will be able to see exactly how the brick looks and if it's a Great match!

Unsure which brick will match your project?

Order a sample from us today!

Whether you are a homeowner, builder, architect or distributor, Brickhunter has been successfully...

Helping people from all industries for over 15 years to match, find and deliver bricks FAST.

Brick Samples

Request a Sample - What will you get?

You'll receive a small flat pack sample which will be sent straight to your door so you can see it and touch it for real. It's that simple! Simply call the Brickhunter to Order a sample. A £5 sample charge will be required for brick samples.

Start making your life easier
with Brickhunter!

0300 400 5006

Call Us Now! We Can Help!

Call us NOW!
We can help you!
Mon - Fri 8am - 5.30pm

How do you measure your brick?

To correctly measure a brick, ensuring the size is right for your project, you'll just need a tape measure and your creative eye (as well as the actual brick wall).

Tape Measure
Step One


For height, simply turn the tape measure to a vertical position, measuring from the bottom of the tape (metal tip) level to the bottom of the brick (not including the mortar, the average should be about 60mm) and stretch it out to the topside of the brick.

Brick Height
Step Two


For the length, do the same but turn the tape to a horizontal position instead (the average length of most brick is around 170-200mm.)

Brick Length
Step Three


A handy pro-tip for measuring the depth is to measure a brick at the very CORNER of your wall so you can measure the small end of the brick (80mm approx.)

Brick Depth

If you want to know anything else, Brickhunter has a specialist team of experts on hand to assist with any queries.

Just give our team a call!


0300 400 5006

Call Us Now! We Can Help!

Call us NOW!
We can help you!

Mon - Fri 8am - 5.30pm